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Are you going to buy the Model 3?

The reveal for the Model 3 has happened and even though there is still more to come the idea of whether or not to buy this car is real.  With the other Tesla models the price was too high for us to consider buying them, at least most of us, but the Model 3 offers a price that we can all afford and enjoy.  Because of this affordable price the Model 3 has become one of the hottest topics in the automotive world and is a car that had many of the fans waiting to be able to order this new car.

While it only took $1,000 as a deposit to order this vehicle and have your name on the reservation list if you don’t already own a Tesla model you immediately dropped on the list, but this hasn’t dissuaded anyone who wanted this car, many of whom would have put their money down sight unseen for the Model 3.  What exactly are we getting into a frenzy about; it’s just another EV, right?

Wrong, the Model 3 is a gorgeous luxury style driving machine that can be a status symbol for you even if it is affordable.  Rather than put a grill on the front, which isn’t necessary for EV cars, Tesla create a look at the front that is smooth and completely finished to look elegant and attractive.  The front seats have been moved forward and the rear ones back to allow more space for the legs of the rear passengers.  A similar overall style is given to this smaller car as that of the Model S and five can fit and ride comfortably.  The minimum range expected is 215 miles, but other information indicates this car could reach as much as 300 miles on a single full charge.

According to Elon Musk the Model 3 will pass every safety test with five stars and be able to reach sixty mph in less than six seconds.  The roof is made of a single piece of glass to give you a great look out of the vehicle at the sky around you.  That seems to be all the information we have on this car so far as the event held by Musk on March 31st revealed very little other than the look.  Although this car has a smooth look and an elegant shape is it really one you are ready to buy without knowing more?

According to the over 100,000 people who signed up for the car that was revealed as just a shell of a car the answer is “yes”.  Even though there is not a whole car here to look at, Tesla has gained such a following that it carries the clout needed to demand 100,000 people put $1,000 on the line for the chance to buy a car in a couple years.  If this doesn’t seem ludicrous consider the last time you purchased a car after only seeing the shell and not the entire car.  Obviously this is a status item and many of us want to be among the first to purchase the Model 3.

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