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Harvard and Oxford agree ‘smart drug’ safe in the short term

It makes sense that a drug designed to treat narcolepsy would be a possible mental stimulant that helps healthy people find focus for activities such as taking exams. It makes even more sense that the colleges where the research on the short term effects were performed would be Harvard and Oxford.

Modafinil appears to be safe for short-term use according to their research. They acknowledged that long-term effects cannot be understood since there isn’t enough data that spans over time, but the drug that is growing in popularity among students (particularly before taking tests) seems to be safe otherwise.

Some aren’t convinced.

There are already parallels being made to the 2011 movie Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. In the movie, the protagonist takes a drug that allows him to be brilliant for a day. Once he wakes up, he’s back to his normal dull self.

Bradley Cooper isn’t the only one getting action. Actress Scarlett Johannson’s 2014 movie Lucy is getting in on the action.

While some are screaming “eugenics” others are saying that it’s not a big deal. Do you think this is the future or is it like a performance enhancing drug in sports?

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