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Hillary Clinton invokes guns as common ground with President Obama

The last few weeks have seen Hillary Clinton going against President Barack Obama on many key issues. She’s accused his stance on illegal immigrants as too harsh and pulled the support she’d given dozens of times in the past for his pet Obamatrade project, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is good for differentiating herself. Unfortunately, it’s also working to alienate her from a President who is still very popular with Democrats.

With Joe Biden still contemplating a run, the Clinton campaign invoked her agreement with the President on a current issue: gun control. Their video depicts her as not willing to be silenced on the issue, echoing much of what the President said early this month after the mass shooting of in Oregon.

Here’s the video. On a side note, it’s oddly lower quality than it needed to be. Was it rushed to react to calls for her to not alienate Obama supporters right before Biden announces his candidacy?

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