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I’m going to pretend like Ben Carson and John Kasich dropped out

As this article is being written, the Nevada Caucuses are going on. It’s my hope that the two zero-chancers for the GOP have realized that their campaigns are futile and that they are only helping Donald Trump secure the nomination. By the time you read this, my hopes may have already come true. I doubt it.

Here’s the pre-caucus rhetoric:

It’s expected that a campaign is supposed to declare they won’t be dropping out even if they’re about to drop out, so we can hope to take these statements with a grain of salt. However, there’s a certain sincerity, particularly from Carson, that makes it seem like the two candidates may simply enjoy campaigning while the prepare for their next endeavor. In the case of Carson, he may be setting himself up for a nice windfall by campaigning; the longer he stays in, the better he’ll do with his post-campaign career.

Regardless of whether they drop out or not, if you’re a Republican voter, please pretend like they’re gone. They’re distracting from the real candidates, including the only two (Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz) and potentially the only one (Cruz) who can stop Donald Trump.

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