In Celle, Germany, migrants gather with pipes and sticks to chant in the street

Celle Germany

When history looks back on these times, it will be very challenging to trace back all of the mistakes that were made to bring the upcoming catastrophes to be. From arming of rebels that eventually became al Qaeda to acceptance of refugees through which terrorists infiltrated the west in bulk, the escapades of today’s politicians will be viewed very poorly. In many parts of Europe, things are already reaching a boiling point and there are so many more refugees on the way.

Arguably the most unnerving factor in all of this is the way that the media positions it all. Accepting refugees regardless of religion or age is clearly manifesting itself to be a mistake but the media and the agendas behind them have rallied many of the people to call for tolerance and political correctness. The results look like this:

Syria and the Middle East should never have been pushed to the situation they’re in, but the lack of any real solution for the victims among the people puts the world powers in an emergency situation. Full focus and decisive action needs to be taken immediately. It might even be too late.


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