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In these troubling times, the US military must grow despite complaints from the left

The decimation of the United States military under President Obama requires a major upgrade. Even the most fiscal conservatives look around at the Islamic State, North Korea, Russia, Iran, and even China and realize that in the coming years, the need to have enough muscle to flex may be required to prevent actual American lives from being lost.

Ronald Reagan did it best in the past Vietnam era by displaying a strong military without getting involved in many conflicts. He realized that the perception of strength was often more powerful than the use of strength which is why he maintained a high level of support for the military. This translated into more of almost everything while keeping as many troops as possible from ever entering harm’s way.

As the Presidential candidates start offering their proposals for the condition of the military under their terms, one stands out above the rest.

With this plan, the United States can return to being a force that is feared instead of one that is often provoked. Things are not getting safer around the world and the US military must be prepared to handle challenges. More importantly, they must be strong enough to deter challenges from being made in the first place.

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