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Internet infrastructure attacked in San Francisco, terrorist act not ruled out

Monday night AT&T fiber optic cables were cut in Livermore, CA just outside San Francisco. The cables carry vast amounts of information such as emails, phone calls, computer transactions, and even security camera feeds.

One of the most disturbing details of the attack is that in order to gain access to the cables that were compromised, one has to enter through an underground vault and then proceed to cut the protective metal conduit around the cables before severing them.

The FBI and law enforcement are offering a $250,000 reward for any information to the connection of the attacks. That’s attacks with an ‘s’, because this makes the fourteenth attack in the last year. Each time there have been some moderate to major disruption in service.

The FBI says that whoever is orchestrating the attack is believed to be wearing a utility worker uniform. They have not ruled out this being tied to a terrorist act.

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