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Jeb Bush just isn’t very good at this Presidential campaign thingy

There’s a good chance that Jeb Bush could be the best of the three Bush Presidents if he ever made it to the White House. It might not be saying much, but he has the tools that his brother and father don’t have. Unfortunately for Jeb, one of those tools isn’t a strong sense of campaigning for President or moving a room.

In two words, Bush may have dissolved even the most remote chance of him winning the White House. After trying his best to inspire a small crowd, he asked them to, “Please clap.” It will be played on news stations and will represent the weakness in campaigning that has plagued him from the beginning when Donald Trump labeled him as “low energy.”

The sad part is that he’s not really “low” energy. He simply doesn’t know how to apply his energy and intelligence to the campaign trail. It’s much harder to run for President than for Governor and he doesn’t possess his brother’s charisma nor his father’s predecessor to help him along.

It would appear that the Bush family dynasty will end at George W. Sorry Jeb (I mean Jeb!).

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