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Lexus is still in love with the V8

So many sports cars and high performance models are taking advantage of turbocharged engines to get the power they want.  Its seems like common sense in the fact that with a turbocharger or supercharger in place an engine can use fewer cylinders and still get the power desired from the engine bay.  These are lighter engines, which lowers the weight of the car an offer better fuel mileage than ever before.  But what happens when you just really want to enjoy the growl and the simple power of a massive V8 engine?  Can you still do this in the market we have today? Yes you can.

In the Lexus RC-F the engine for this highly attractive sporty and powerful two door coupe is an old school V8 engine.  This may surprise you since Lexus is a luxury car company and has their own turbocharged lineup of engines, but someone went rogue at Lexus and showed what a massive 5.0-iter V8 can do in order to show of some awesome power to get this sports car going in a way that brings back memories for so many of us.

This engine offers you a higher compression ratio and a higher redline that doesn’t get reached until 7,100 rpm.  This gives you a massively strong 467 horsepower to rocket this little coupe down any road or let you unleash it on the track so you can get a better idea of the high performance this car can offer.  On the exhaust side, the RC-F has an exhaust that reaches all the way to the tips while the IS-F did not, the pipes fell about six inches shy of the ports in the rear bumper.

In order to get the seal of approval, the engine was going to have to fit in with the character of the RC-F, which it does.  This is the right choice for the car in order to give you the whole package working well together.  From the suspension to the steering and the braking the RC-F is planted, stiff, exciting, smooth and fully in control.  You can take a corner at high speeds and not have to worry about much body roll at all and once you leave the corner or curve you can really use that massive power to rocket down the straightaway in order to be the first one to the finish line.

As a comparison, the RC-F is within 100 horsepower of the LF-A supercar at only one-eight the price.  That alone makes this an awesome choice.  The  torque vectoring differential and active aerodynamics allow you to enjoy a great ride that looks awesome and has everything you want in a small and mighty luxury sports car.  You know you want to drive a car with a truly ballsy V8 and the RC-F gives you that in a big way to offer the drive you want and the quality you deserve from one of the world’s most recognized luxury names which have become some of the best in the world.

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