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Mobile addiction is apparently a real thing

Are you reading this story right now on a mobile device? If so, you’re in the majority. Because so much of the traffic that comes to this site happens on social media, it’s likely that most of the readers of this particular story are doing so on their smartphone or tablet. That’s the age we live in and it’s spawning a real problem: mobile addiction.

Some make fun of it.

Others acknowledge that it’s not only very real but potentially very dangerous.


The signs can be pretty clear.

It may not be a totally bad thing. In the end, it really depends on how the addiction manifests. If it’s something where attachment is the cause and the ailment causes anxiety or even physical responses when away from mobile for too long, then it’s clearly a problem. If, on the other hand, it’s used to keep people informed about important events in the community and around the world while giving them the freedom to detach at any moment without conflict, then perhaps it’s not so bad.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who truly are mobile addicts probably aren’t even aware that it can be a problem.

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