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New Terrain… by GMC

The world is full of wide open spaces, and as we move through our daily lives, we are able to cross places we’ve been off of our lists.  People are naturally inclined to want to explore and move across the countryside in search of something new.  We find our way to venture into new terrain.  GMC, a leader in the truck and SUV market, has created many of the cars that carry us about our daily journeys, whether it’s to and from work or if we’re off in seek of a fabulous adventure.  As 2016 rapidly approaches, they’re giving a fresh new face to their small SUV, the aptly-named Terrain.

Prior to the Terrain’s release, GMC had been a long-time frontrunner in the truck market, and had also shown great success with their larger SUV models, the Envoy and the Yukon.  With the Acadia, GMC dipped their toes into a new market pool with the mid-size SUV, while securing a spot in the very competitive mid-size sports utility vehicle range.  However, it was quickly becoming evident that smaller SUV popularity was on the rise, and GMC didn’t have a representative, yet.  Then, for the 2010 model year, they released the Terrain.

The Terrain was built with the same rugged exterior stylings as the rest of their line, but in a more compact and gas friendly size.  Available in a variety of eight stylish colors, the Terrain has been updated midway through the model generation with an all new hood design and GMC’s signature grille design.   Each facet of the Terrain’s new exterior updates was carefully planned and constructed for maximum efficiency and in an attempt to achieve a stylish balance between design and function.  Looking every bit as imposing as it’s bigger brethren, the Terrain uses its stature to provide drivers with a fantastic position to view the open road in front of them.

The interior of the Terrain takes no departure from other GMC vehicles by using only the finest of materials from the seats to the radio knobs.  Nothing inside this vehicle has ever come across as chintzy, but they’ve made efforts to make things even better.  The best of the best material is used to create a luxurious cloth interior for base model Terrains, while a trim level upgrade will leave drivers basking in the feel of supple leather.  A brand new acoustic design will also eliminate the need to yell at the passengers over the noise of the road around you.

Obviously, for any driver, safety is a huge concern.  We want to know that our most precious cargo, ourselves and our loved ones, are safely contained in their vehicle, and we want to know that each feature has been vigorously tested to ensure that.  GMC has a deep commitment to their customers, which directly translates to a dedication to keeping them safe.  Optional features like lane departure warning, forward collision alert, and blind spot monitoring coupled with six free months of OnStar will create a peace of mind that allows you to focus on the road, instead of the car.

In this day and age, we not only want to know what our car can do, mechanically, but we want to know what is can do for us, technologically.  Each new model of car is being pumped out on an annual basis with each manufacturer attempting to up the ante in terms of technological advancements.  The Terrain is packed with fun and fresh features to keep you entertained, but also promising your eyes don’t have to leave the road in order to carry on your daily business.  Standard Bluetooth, backup camera, and an impressive touch screen infotainment system allow for the streaming of music, but also hands free calling and phone book access.

With an abundance of leg room, cargo space, and power to spare, the Terrain won’t allow you to think it’s only a small SUV.  It will perform like the Acadia, Envoy, and Yukon but won’t leave you at the gas station fumbling for eighty dollars’ worth of gas money on a frequent basis.  Make no mistake about its smaller size, the Terrain isn’t going to struggle with a carload like other small SUVs.  With the promise of GMC’s stellar manufacturing and commitment to maintaining their reputation, this vehicle will have you impressed instead of questioning and enjoying the space instead of cramped inside.  The world is wide open, explore the Terrain.

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