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Pets on Pillows: Germs Galore

Over half of US households have pets. Many of these pets live inside and roam around the house. Many of these roamers spend time to some degree on the very place where our faces and heads reside for 8 hours a day.

Is it safe?

Take a look at this infographic by SleepBetter. It may be pretty darn eye-opening, as our feline and canine friends may be bad for our health. The solution? Keep your bedroom door shut.

“It’s no secret that our four-legged friends are carrying around a number of “friends” of their own.  Have you thought about what they carry into your bed?  Check out the infographic below (click it to see a larger version) from our Big Germ on Campus series and see how many Americans are sleeping with their best friend – and a few enemies.”

Click to enlarge.

Pets on Pillows

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