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Search Engine Optimization

Custom Content

Most business owners recognize the importance of having a website with basic information about products and services. What many may not understand is the equal importance of continually refreshing and adding new custom content. Custom landing pages from Media Caffeine introduce the shopper to your business, explain your unique benefits, and include relevant keywords for better “findability” by individuals using search engines like Google and Bing.

Linking Strategy

There is no shortage of SEO providers but not all SEO is created equally. Media Caffeine offers a unique link building strategy which includes both on-site AND off-site content development. This strengthens your website’s search clout. Other providers focus solely on the business’s website, which is simply not enough to make your company stand out from the crowd.

Keyword Ranking

Media Caffeine SEO specialists analyze and identify the most beneficial keywords to optimize based on multiple factors. We consider your business location, client demographic, products and services you offer, competitors, and market trends. Unlike many other SEO providers, we don’t just do this one time. We continually update your website and evolve our keyword selection moving outward from your geographic location and broadening to reach shoppers in every level of the buying cycle.

Paid Search

Our paid search solution centers around the expertise of our seasoned strategist, not just technology. Pay-Per-Click marketing is another area where other providers choose to “set it and forget it” while charging you a monthly premium for nothing.  Contrarily, Media Caffeine does not rely on automation, rather we monitor and adjust campaigns regularly as dictated by results. Always working to optimize your spend for the greatest return on your marketing investment.

We are a team of experts

The differentiator for Media Caffeine is our people. Our diverse and innovative creative team specializes in customized marketing strategies as unique as your business. We understand the unique struggles of digital marketing for all size companies across all industries. There is no “one size fits all” solution for marketing your business or optimizing your website. 

We work together with you to identify the most effective avenues for getting more shoppers engaged with your products and/or services. We create fresh content each month to continuously help your business rank high in all search engine results and to improve the user experience on your website.  

All SEO is Not Created Equally

It is a common misconception that website providers “handle” SEO. While many make the claim, few provide custom, unique, on-going content development to help your business outrank the competition for all search terms. Media Caffeine’s proven hands-on strategy of building completely custom landing pages increases your findability and improves the user experience. 

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Media Caffeine will help your business get found on the search engines.  Search Engine Optimization is an investment in the future success of your business.  Don’t wait any longer to contact us.


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