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The Small Business Marketing Budget #Infographic

America was built on the concept of small business. It is the centerpiece of capitalism despite what bankers and activists believe. While the mega-corporations feel that they drive the economy and the Occupy Wherever group wants to agree and blame everything on them, the reality is that it’s the people running small businesses who truly drive the economy.

To grow and thrive today, it’s important for small businesses to utilize marketing. The vast majority of them need customers or clients, whether those clients are businesses or consumers. Marketing is often the way to make that happen, but there are so many options available. It may very well be easier today to market a small business because of all the available options, but those options also make it more confusing than ever before. One cannot simply put a listing in the Yellow Pages.

Budget is an important aspect of these necessary decisions. This infographic from Coastal Creative, we can take a look at some interesting and useful small business marketing budgetary facts.

Small Business Marketing Budget Infographic

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