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Social Media is the Cheapest Way to Reach Customers (and television is still pretty awesome)

The modern day ad agency really needs to be on as many relevant mediums as possible. The concept of focusing simply on traditional or simply on digital is behind us. Today, proper consolidation of voice and intent can work magic.

Take, for example, the cost of reaching 1000 people. As expected, social media comes in as the cheapest with Facebook and LinkedIn having major reach for the buck. What might be more surprising is that television still ranks in the middle of the pack (as it always has) and any thoughts that the medium is dying as a way to put out the message can be dismissed. Television still works. It’s still very necessary, particularly for big brands that need to get out a message and localized brands that want top-of-mind awareness.

A good advertising strategy should include both traditional and digital media working side-by-side.

The infographic below from Nuanced Media comes to us through WorldDealer and tells the story of the reach when it comes to advertising dollars spent. If there’s one loser in the whole shift towards digital and interactive, it’s clearly print. Are you still advertising in your local newspaper? When was the last time you looked at an ad in the newspaper?

Cost to Reach 1000 Infographic

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