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Social Media Marketing

Save money by marketing your business on Social Media to ONLY individuals who are likely in need of your products and services. It is easy, inexpensive, and highly effective. Media Caffeine will do all the work for you and drive quality traffic to your website every day. 


Everyone is on Facebook. From great-grandmothers to pre-teens, individuals from every demographic are logged in and engaged on Facebook right now. The most interesting element of social media for marketers is the plethora of information available about these individuals. By tracking behaviors and preferences, we can identify which people are in the market for specific goods and services. Savvy business owners capitalize on this available data by serving seemingly serendipitous advertisements to precisely the right people at precisely the right time.

Someone Needs Your Company

Whether you are selling hot dogs or real estate there is a target audience currently in-market for your product. If you’re a contractor or pianist, someone needs your services this week. When you partner with Media Caffeine, we identify the potential customers for your company using sophisticated behavioral and geographic targeting and deliver them a custom, creative, eye-catching Facebook post explaining who YOU are and why they should choose your company to meet their needs.

For Example

Here’s an example. Beth is a 32-year-old interior designer in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is hoping to grow her business but doesn’t have enough budget for traditional outlets: TV, print, radio, etc.  Using Facebook behavioral targeting Media Caffeine will identify individuals in and near Raleigh who have indicated through their online activities that they are likely in need of Beth’s services. That’s when the magic happens. The potential customers will scroll through Facebook and notice a post about Beth’s company, how she is the best choice for interior design, her accolades and impressive reviews. Beth’s phone rings and she signs on a new client.

Creative Geniuses

What makes Media Caffeine different from other social media marketers?  Glad you asked. It’s our team and the special attention we pay to our clients. We work very closely with you to construct engaging advertisements which help sell your product or service. Everything we deliver is hand-crafted just for you. Your ads are as unique as your business and the delivery methods are varied to best engage your target audience.   We offer a full suite of services including custom graphic design, copy writing, and ad placements. Our creative geniuses ensure that your posts cut through the clutter and stand out to the people you want to meet.

Triple Shot

In addition to social media marketing, Media Caffeine offers results-driven, custom Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click services to expand the reach of all your marketing efforts. When combined the Triple Shot solution (Social, SEO & PPC) offers synergized, omni-channel engagement and results, driving more customers to your business and more money into your till.

Driven by results

Everything we do is designed with one goal: to sell your product or service. We offer in-depth reporting to show results from every action. We’ll report back to you each month with data showing the effectiveness of each campaign. Our thorough reporting accompanied by monthly Account Success calls from your dedicated team of strategists ensure we are all working in sync to achieve your marketing and sales goals.

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