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Something This Unique Was Meant for the World Tour

How does a concept car end up in a museum instead of making the typical show debut and then world tour?  this happens when the parent company feels the car is amazing enough to be a car that should only be displayed and shown to those who choose to make the trip to visit the museum this car is displayed in. A rare vehicle that is meant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a car brand is one that would fit the bill to be a car that should not be offered to the public for view, but be sent straight to the museum.

The car that had the unfortunate fate of being shipped directly the museum is the Lamborghini Egoista that was presented three years ago during the 50th anniversary celebration of the Lamborghini brand.  Instead of taking this car on the typical world tour, a gala was celebrated at the company headquarters and then the car was put on permanent display at the museum next door to the Lamborghini headquarters to offer an amazing new car with the Raging Bull marque on it to give anyone who visits the museum to be able to enjoy the look and shape of this awesome car.

The name of this car means “selfish” and it’s really the perfect car to actually be considered as a selfish car.  It only has one seat that is mounted in the center of the car that fits under a glass canopy; it doesn’t have any doors or windows that open and no place for a passenger or luggage space.  This truly is a selfish car and it is one that makes for the perfect car for only one person to really enjoy and drive.  This car has taken some of the style of a fighter jet and added wheels to it to make for a car that can really scream, if it was ever able to be driven on the streets or on the track.

Then engine under this angular skin that really does appear to be made from a fighter het is a 5.2-liter V10 that is able to make a full 600 horsepower which is more than the Gallardo ever was able to with this power plant behind the driver.  This is close to as much power as the Huracan which came out a year after the Egoista was made.

Whether we should have ever seen this car in the public view this car is unknown.  This car certainly influenced the design and build of other vehicles that came after it, especially the Veneno which has a radical appearance on the road and tracks of the world.  The Egoista was always meant to be a car that had a huge ego and was to be a singular item.  I guess this means it’s fitting this car was never allowed to take it egotistical  and selfish beauty on the road to be a car that would have eventually been one of the most amazing track riders we ever saw.

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