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Supreme Court appointments are BY FAR the most important task of the next President

The death of Antonin Scalia brought into focus a truth that has been barely covered this election cycle. The next President will almost certainly appoint two Supreme Court Justices. He’ll probably appoint three. He might even have to appoint four.

What many don’t seem to understand is that the political makeup of the Supreme Court has the greatest influence over the current and future state of the country. There is no comparison. Executive orders are tiny by comparison. Laws passed in Congress are often important, but rarely have a direct influence over the lives of the general population. Even tax plans are less important than the decrees laid down as the law of the land by the Supreme Court.

The last President to appoint four justices was Richard Nixon. Considering the length of their active service (Anthony Kennedy has been serving since 1988) and the vast power that they wield, we may see the nation itself shaped by the next President. This makes us wonder who would be the best to select them?

As a conservative, it’s important to note that the Democrats must not be allowed to appoint them. It would be disastrous to have liberal activist judges appointed to the Supreme Court by a Democrat that is against the 2nd Amendment and that supports a liberal platform. The court is already skewed towards the Democrats. We can see some serious damage if one, two, three, or four more are liberals.

Among the Republicans, there’s one candidate who has the acknowledgement of the party and the majority of true conservatives to be able to select the right Supreme Court Justices.

This is a turning point for the country. Scalia’s death brought it into the light, hopefully in time for Republicans to take a serious look at what the power of appointment means for the country.

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