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Suspending Disbelief: PLEASE don’t support Trump because you believe his nomination is a foregone conclusion

If you’re a stalwart, die-hard Donald Trump supporter, you’re already lost and you’re taking the party down a dark path to another general election loss. If you’re one of those who will consider Trump because you believe his victory is already solidified, read on. The path to the nomination is far from over and Trump hasn’t been crowned yet.

The path through the “SEC Primaries” of the first Super Tuesday on March 1 crosses squarely though the south and Ted Cruz territory. With Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, George, Tennessee, and Virginia on the calendar, it’s very conceivable that if conservatives and Christians unite behind Cruz, they can take down Trump and continue down the path towards the nomination. For this to happen, people cannot fall for the two narratives that are already playing out on mainstream media in general and Fox News in particular.

Marco Rubio is being propped up by the Republican Establishment as the alternative to Trump, but this simply isn’t true. One might even start to cry foul and call this out as the conspiracy that it likely is with Rubio being prepped as the Establishment’s consolation prize as Trump’s Vice President. If that sounds appealing, remember that the ticket might seem great but will without a doubt lose to the Democrats once attacks against Trump start in full force after the nomination. Now’s not the time to try to convince people that the mainstream media will utterly destroy Trump with investigative reports and interviews from the people he’s screwed throughout his life. If you don’t see it already, you’ll probably never see it until it happens.

Back to Cruz. His path is hazy based upon Trump’s ascension but it’s still the second most likely scenario. The thing that can stop it the easiest isn’t attacks from Trump or support for Rubio but rather the suspension of hope in anyone other that Trump. If he and his media cronies can convince enough Republicans that he’s going to win the nomination no matter what, then people will start to either lose hope or jump on the bandwagon. If the reality of the situation is revealed – that Cruz has a solid chance based upon the favorable calendar, tremendous organization, and gobs of money – then Trump will have a fight on his hands that he could very well end up losing.

Cruz has always played the long game and rightfully so. The problem with conservative candidates in the past is that they put too much stock in the short game. The roadblock for Cruz is the faklse narrative that Trump has already won.

If voters can see the reality of the situation, Cruz can win the nomination. If they fall for the traps set by the Democrats, mainstream media, and the Republican Establishment, than whoever emerges from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have already defeated Trump.

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  1. Judy Bond

    Mr. Boyd, your article has given me hope for the candidacy of Senator Ted Cruz. I’m sure others like me are feeling the same. Please continue writing about this year presidential politics. Thank you for your patriotism.

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