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Get smart with data
Seat-of-the-pants decision-making just got tougher.  Not that anyone’s intuition or gut-instincts have suddenly failed them, but because their competitors are utilizing better tools to make those same decisions. Smart dealers are utilizing analytics and data to make decisions based on reality rather than their perception of reality.
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Sharp Televisions
After struggling to keep up with competitor innovations and a challenging television sales market, Japanese electronics maker Sharp is exiting the Americas. It will sell it’s plant in Mexico as well as it’s brand in the United States.
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To truly understand the future, you have to look at the current. When it comes to business and work, the future leaders are the Millennials and the current or near-future leaders are Generation Z. If we take a look at the differences between the two age groups, you have gain a comprehension of how things...
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Engaged Employees
It’s pretty much a no-brainer to say that happy employees are better for a company. What about more engaged employees? Does engagement promote happiness? Does it build satisfaction? Does it improve the bottom line? The answer, according to the infographic below, is “yes.”
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Female Entrepreneur
Women have been a powerful part of the business world for several decades. It hasn’t always been like this, though. There was a time before most of our readers were born when women couldn’t readily expect to get a good job, let alone build their own business. Things have changed and today, women have just...
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Small Business
America was built on the concept of small business. It is the centerpiece of capitalism despite what bankers and activists believe. While the mega-corporations feel that they drive the economy and the Occupy Wherever group wants to agree and blame everything on them, the reality is that it’s the people running small businesses who truly...
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Business Degree
Getting a business degree used to be a prerequisite to be able to be successful and achieve executive status at major companies in the United States. That changed for a time when those who had other types of degrees (or no degrees at all) were finding success, but many companies quickly shifted back to the...
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Office Space
There are plenty of people out there who believe that their work a waste of time. That’s not even taking into account the amount of non-work that goes into play at the office. If we really look closely at our daily activities, we’ll probably find that we could be a heck of a lot more...
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Video Marketing
For years, we’ve all known that video was an important component of digital marketing. People are willing to spend more time watching video than reading text or viewing an infographic because it’s a passive action for them. They sit back and watch, that’s it. The impact is highlighted in the infographic below.
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