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2015 Chevrolet SS Sedan
Face it, the average sedan can be boring.  Four doors and a modest engine spell family friendly, but not exciting or fun.  No one sits in a dreary office on a rainy day dreaming of a sedan as their most wanted vehicle.  Dream cars are sports cars with huge engines or muscle cars with that...
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Toyota Service
Everyone dreams of owning a new car, truck, and SUV at some point in their lifetime. So off you head to the dealership to buy your Chevrolet, Toyota, or maybe even an Acura. It doesn’t really matter what make you choose. You spend time researching the vehicle, comparing it to others, choosing options and colors...
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Owning Your Chevrolet
Vehicle ownership has always been an exciting privilege for individuals. Knowing that you have saved your hard earned cash to purchase your dream car, truck, or SUV is a very confident feeling. Well, hold on folks, because if General Motors has it their way, you can no longer OWN your vehicle. That’s right, you pay...
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2015 Challenger Hellcat
Dodge has made some big waves the last couple of years by slapping a cool badge and sick performance on its Charger and Challenger models. The “Hellcat” variations are hot and they’re flying off the showrooms at any Dodge dealer that gets a hold of one.
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2009 SSC Ultimate Aero
When it comes to supercars, most of them are not realistic to mass produce. They are too niche, too expensive, and too amazing to put into full production. Then again, some are just right for it. This infographic by Stratstone breaks down the top five fastest production cars in the world. No, it’s not the...
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Nothing much to say about this one. It’s interesting stuff. Cars. Insurance. Awesome.
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Plains Trains
There has always been a fascination amongst common people with the way that royalty lives. Their lifestyles are exceptional on many levels from servants and privileges to food and luxuries, but it’s in their vehicles that we get to see the real difference between us and them. This graphic, courtesy of New Haven Chevrolet, gives...
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Stick vs Automatic
Knowing how to handle the clutch is a sure sign of a skilled motorer. And with one of the highest percentages of manual owners of any car brand, MINI was curious: what else might being able to drive stick say about a person? As always, the Hunch data reveals all. Click to enlarge.
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