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Chinese Christians
In China, most churches are very different from what we see in the western world. They are often state-sanctioned with leaders that promote a “communist first, Christian second” approach to religion. This is the Chinese government’s way of controlling what they were unable to destroy.
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Apple Hack
More than three dozen popular Chinese iPhone and iPad apps, such as Tencent Holdings’ WeChat, were found to be infected with malicious malware from XcodeGhost, according to researchers at Alibaba Mobile Security and Palo Alto Networks.
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Chinese Internet Censorship
There are more people hired by the Chinese government to censor the internet than the entire population of Nebraska. Now, the Communist regime is stepping up its censorship game even further by makingĀ “network security officers” that will work with Chinese websites and web firms to hunt down those committing such crimes as spreading rumors. Seriously.
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China Header
As China continues to grow as a world power, they face certain challenges. Their population makes travel infrastructure a major challenge. Compared to Germany and Switzerland, they’re way behind. Click to enlarge. From: Dallas Volkswagen Via: KPA SEO
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