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Chinese Christians
In China, most churches are very different from what we see in the western world. They are often state-sanctioned with leaders that promote a “communist first, Christian second” approach to religion. This is the Chinese government’s way of controlling what they were unable to destroy.
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Patriarch Kirill
Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill will meet at the José Martí International Airport in Havana on Feb. 12 to discuss the genocide of Christians in the Middle East and Africa. This is historic; the leaders of the two churches haven’t met in nearly 1,000 years.
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College Christian Rights
The modern American college experience has been turning into a completely secular concept for decades and the indoctrination of anti-religious worldviews has been openly pervasive for years. It’s going even further lately. Now, Christian groups are expected to allow non-Christians to lead them.
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Christian Refugees from the Middle East
As many countries promote a desire and often a mandate to give preference to Christian refugees coming from the Middle East over Muslim refugees, a debate rages about the thin line between bigotry and practicality. One of the points that’s not being argued is about the status of circumstances that separate Christian refugees from Muslim...
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Islamic State forcing Christians to sign a contract
In the province of Damascus where the Islamic State now controls, Christians were gathered in a theater and forced to sign a contract with heavy stipulations and taxation. The contract will give them a status of second-class citizen and forces them to “respect” Islam.
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