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Getting Mexico to pay for the wall is like pulling a rabbit out of a sombrero. It’s an illusion.


At the end of this article, I will declare my willingness to do something that would get me arrested if Donald Trump can get Mexico to pay for his wall. I’m 100% certain that if he’s able to win the nomination (doubtful) and then the general election (nearly impossible) that he will never be able to get Mexico to fork over more than a token portion of the massive budget required to build and maintain the wall. Read More

Poor decisions, campaign infrastructure: A prelude to a Trump Presidency

Donald Trump Infrastructure

Campaigning to become a party’s nominee for President of the United States is very difficult. It requires attention to detail, knowledge of the rules, understanding of the terrain, properly planned infrastructure, and the ability to make good decisions. Once nominated, the race to accumulate states through the electoral college and operate within the confines of unfriendliness associated with reaching out to independents and members of the opposite party is even more difficult than the nomination campaign. Read More

Rule 40B cannot be allowed to swing both ways based on the Establishment’s whims

Romney McCain

In 2012, the Establishment had an agenda. They didn’t want Ron Paul and his “crazies” mucking up the Republican convention by trying to draw attention to themselves. They wanted to demonstrate unity by having all of the attention paid to the nominee, Mitt Romney. As a result, RNC Rule 40B was established. Now, the tables have turned and none of their guys has a chance at the nomination, so there has been talks of eliminating the suddenly outdated rule. This would be a betrayal to the base of the Republican party and would represent the reality that the Establishment wants control of the party more than they want a victory in November. Read More

If Rubio and Kasich drop out after #SuperTuesday, the math clearly favors Cruz over Trump

Ted Cruz SuperTuesday

With all of the attention being given to Donald Trump as the likely GOP nominee, there’s a problem that nobody seems to be discussing. Even if Trump wins Ohio and Florida, his path to the nomination is greatly hampered if Marco Rubio and John Kasich drop out. In fact, winning their states and knocking them out might be the worst thing that Trump could do. Read More

Ben Carson’s endorsement of Trump has ‘paid in full’ written all over it

Ben Carson Suspicious Endorsement Donald Trump

As of two months ago, I was deciding between Ben Carson and Donald Trump. Ironically, it was the way that both of them handled the Ted Cruz campaign’s sharing of a CNN story during the Iowa caucus that flipped me to support him over either of them. What the campaign did was wrong, but Cruz handled it properly while Trump and Carson whined. Read More

Yes, Donald Trump is a crook (but don’t take our word for it)

Donald Trump is a Crook

Reality is starting to set in that the Republican Party may actually nominate Donald Trump. It’s a worse situation than the one we made fun of eight years ago when we saw the Democrats nominate Barack Obama despite situations that made it clear he was against America. It’s even worse than nominating the soon-to-be-indicted Hillary Clinton this year. At least with Obama and Clinton there was potential for suspension of disbelief. With Trump, there is none. He is 100%, without a doubt a crook. Read More

The reason Trump’s supporters like authoritarianism: they don’t realize it’s a bad thing

Donald Trump is Authoritarian

For those of us who have been around long enough to remember the various leaders of the world over the last few decades, it can be puzzling to see the support for the authoritarian agenda of Donald Trump. He’s not a beacon of hope, an ideological champion, or a strong leader. He’s an authoritarian that’s used to getting his way and throwing fits when anyone denies him of what he feels he deserves… which is everything. Read More