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Ted Cruz’s wins were stunning, but the media is pretending like it’s no big deal

Ted Cruz vs Mainstream Media

If anyone other than Ted Cruz had gone into Kansas projected to lose big in the polls, only to emerge with more than double the votes of second-place Donald Trump, it would be called a miracle from on high. If anyone had said that Ted Cruz was going to win Maine ahead of two moderates and a liberal, they would have been given a thorough psychological examination and put on a watch list. Read More

Is Donald Trump getting confused by complex policies or is his age starting to show?

Donald Trump Getting Tired

Before any Trump supporters cry fowl for bringing up The Donald’s age (he’ll be 70 in June), please note that we’re not doing it to start rumors. After all, Bernie Sanders is older, as is Joe Biden. However, Trump has either been getting confused recently by the complex issues facing the country or he’s having senior moments. There’s no other way to explain why he keeps having to put out press releases recanting what he said. Read More

Despite great debate performance, Kasich looks like a VP

John Kasich VP

Had John Kasich come out and said he was running to be Donald Trump’s Vice President, nobody would have doubted it the way he’s been operating his campaign for the last few weeks. While he says he would never take a VP role, his positive message seems to be custom tailored to represent the anti-Trump. It’s not done in a way that would hurt Trump or truly differentiate himself from him. It’s like a calling card that says, “Chris Christie is too much like you and I’m the opposite because I’m pretty nice.” Read More

Let’s dispel with this fiction that Marco Rubio knows what he’s doing. He’s just a pawn.

Marco Rubio Fiction

Behind closed doors, Marco Rubio is telling people that his path to the nomination will run through a contested convention. He’s saying these things because he’s being told these things by his Republican Establishment handlers. The reality is this: he is being played for a rube and the Establishment is trying to use him to block Ted Cruz from blocking Donald Trump. Read More

Supreme Court. Personal Liberties. National Security. Now more than ever, we need Ted Cruz.

Nominate Ted Cruz

America is staring down at a precipice and the liberals in Washington DC are trying to push us over the edge. It’s not just the Democrats. Many Republican lawmakers betrayed our trust once we gave them control of Congress by squandering the opportunity to halt President Obama’s disastrous policies and massive expenditures. This has to stop. The line must be drawn right here, right now. Read More