Donald Trump
Donald Trump Spoiled
Most people couldn’t handle being a politician. It’s not that the job itself is too hard. In many cases, the actual work is much less than an average American struggling to pay bills and support a family. It’s that the public scrutiny and attacks from the media, opponents, and even friends requires an extremely thick...
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Donald Trump Egomaniac
When something is so clear, it baffles those who see it when others simply do not. Thankfully, there are people who have earned enough respect that their opinions can make a difference and enlighten those who are in the dark. Conservative political philosopher and economist Thomas Sowell is one of those people and he’s trying...
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Donald Trump Women
Things always seem to get a little murky when one digs into a Presidential candidate’s past. There have been a handful of exceptions over the years, but hiding one’s opinions has become increasingly difficult with the permanence of social media and the speed through which the media and other interested parties can dig up the...
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Dr Ben Carson
Any other year, this would be shocking. This late in the year ahead of a Presidential election, two political outsiders are leading the pack for the Republican party and they’re showing no signs of slowing down now. There’s even a chance that a third outsider might power her way into the mix.
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Donald Trump Ranting
The response to Donald Trump’s candidacy for President has been met with extreme feelings from both sides of the aisle. His supporters seem to adore him and their ranks are growing as his straight-talk style seems to be winning over early polls. However, they need to be very careful.
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