The Fastest Production Cars

2009 SSC Ultimate Aero

When it comes to supercars, most of them are not realistic to mass produce. They are too niche, too expensive, and too amazing to put into full production. Then again, some are just right for it.

This infographic by Stratstone breaks down the top five fastest production cars in the world. No, it’s not the most visually stunning infographic ever created and is even worse when you consider the subject matter, but the content itself is strong and worthy of inclusion here.

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Small Businesses and the Social Media Game

Open for Small Business

The United States hit its stride and really started proving out the concepts of pure capitalism when it embraced small business growth. While big companies have always played a role, it has been shown that small businesses are the ones that drive the economy. As small business numbers improve, the economy improves. As small business numbers fall, the economy falls. The same cannot be said about large corporations other than the catastrophes attached to recent real estate an automotive challenges.

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The Psychology Behind the Love of Infographics


There’s a fundamental psychology behind visualizations that make them work. Reading is fine. Audio and video are often the best. When data must be seen and engulfed in order to make an impact, this is where infographics have their niche in our attentions.

In this very simple infographic from Hubshout, they explore the reasons that people like infographics, the types of infographics that people prefer, and give us hints about the direction of the infographic history.

Psychology of Infographics

Chevy Apps for the Road

Chevy runs deep

As cars continue to become more technologically advanced, some are looking it as a good thing. Others see that it may be a shift that we’re not really willing to accept. Regardless of your opinion, it’s happening and many of the apps that fill our digital lives are starting to make a real impact on the way we get from point A to point B.

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10 Epic Birds in Singapore

Sun Conure Singapore

If you ever visit Singapore, you may want to stop off at the Jurong Bird Park. It’s the world’s largest when it comes to the total number of exotic birds with over 5000. Of the 400 species on display, here are 10 of the most unique and amazing birds around.

This infographic comes to us from Singapore Travel.

10 unique birds in Jurong Bird Park Singapore
Top 10 unique birds in Jurong Bird Park Singapore infographics is created and published by Singapore Travel Blog

Time at Work: Wasted

Office Space

There are plenty of people out there who believe that their work a waste of time. That’s not even taking into account the amount of non-work that goes into play at the office. If we really look closely at our daily activities, we’ll probably find that we could be a heck of a lot more efficient with our activities.

In this older-but-still-relevant infographic from Atlassian Blogs, we take a look at those things that are, well, holding us back and keeping us from actually getting all of our work done. We encourage you to click through to the post itself as they have done a great job at making this an interactive infographic.

Here’s a very small taste:

Productivity Lost Infographic

Facts About Heart Transplant Surgery

Heart Transplant Surgery

One of the scariest and riskiest operations to have performed is a heart transplant. It’s normally a last resort but is effective in eliminating many challenges that humans face. There are over 3000 heart transplants performed every year.

Knowing the facts can help you make a determination of whether you or a loved on should have one as well as giving the importance of more people to become organ donors. You can’t take your heart with you but you can help someone else live longer.

This infographic by Just Save Lives gives us some of the important facts surrounding this type of procedure.

Heart Transplant Infographic

Yet Another Samsung vs Apple Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

If you couldn’t tell by the headline, I’ve grown pretty sick of these. Yes, we know. Samsung and Apple hate each other. They’re the two big dogs in the kennel. They own the smartphone market. They’re mortal enemies. Blah blah blah.

But wait! This infographic is actually pretty decent. It isn’t completely slanted in one direction or another. I subtly plays on the political spectrum with the red and blue motif. This is a little different than the other 62 Samsung vs Apple infographics built in the last 90 days.

It’s a keeper. Thanks Buy Mobiles. You did well.

Apple versus Samsung Infographic

Making Responsive Web Design Work

Responsive Design

Responsive web design isn’t new. Most designers are well aware of the qualities that it brings to the table, making it to where websites can often render properly and completely on devices of all ranges. It can improve the mobile experience with deviating from the full-screen website and allows designers to maintain a steady aesthetic across all devices.

It’s also challenging to sell to clients who do not understand it. Also, websites that rely heavily on third party applications have challenges if those widgets are not compatible in a responsive manner. Regardless of the potential drawbacks, the benefits are clear. With Google and Apple both agreeing that it’s the way to go, we may see responsive web design become the norm.

Here’s an infographic from WhoIsHostingThis that gives us a nice breakdown of the responsive web design world.

Responsive Web Design Infographic

The Energy Industy in 2040

Solar Energy

It’s impossible to see into the distant future, especially when it comes to technology. Many of the things that are commonplace today were barely dreams just five years ago, yet we still have our eyes pointed to distant technological advances molded by a worldview that is more akin to Star Trek than anything that we could possibly imagine based upon the current trajectory of society.

Technology is starting to really solve the problems associated with acquiring, storing, and saving energy. The automotive industry in particular is making strides as companies like Ford, Volvo, and Mercedes are all pushing the limits beyond the standard “hybrid” or “plugin” model. They are exploring new ways to think about energy and propelling cars along the road. We can expect some pretty amazing things from them in the future.

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