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ATT Fiber Optics
Monday night AT&T fiber optic cables were cut in Livermore, CA just outside San Francisco. The cables carry vast amounts of information such as emails, phone calls, computer transactions, and even security camera feeds.
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Chinese Internet Censorship
There are more people hired by the Chinese government to censor the internet than the entire population of Nebraska. Now, the Communist regime is stepping up its censorship game even further by makingĀ “network security officers” that will work with Chinese websites and web firms to hunt down those committing such crimes as spreading rumors. Seriously.
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Responsive Websites
Responsive is the name of the game… for now. In all actuality, despite the hoopla over Google and others adoring responsive website design, it’s not as necessary as many think it to be. In fact, there are advantages to other types of websites that can help in certain industries and for certain purposes in ways...
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