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Radical Islamic Terrorists
When asked what causes terrorism and radicalization, Imran Khan replied that religion has nothing to do with it. Seriously. In a world where there are radical Islamic terrorists in nearly every country across the globe and the perpetrators say they’re doing it over their religion, the point is a silly one.
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Bill Maher
The majority of HBO host Bill Maher’s shtick is based around liberal atheist concepts. He lampoons Republicans and Christians alike. One thing that goes against his liberal leanings is that he also lampoons Islam, in particular the radicals that perform terrorism around the world.
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Celle Germany
When history looks back on these times, it will be very challenging to trace back all of the mistakes that were made to bring the upcoming catastrophes to be. From arming of rebels that eventually became al Qaeda to acceptance of refugees through which terrorists infiltrated the west in bulk, the escapades of today’s politicians...
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ISIS Prophecy
ISIS is dangerous for many reasons, but what makes it such a force is that it holds to a much deeper religious ideology than its predecessor, Al Qaeda. ISIS believes it is fulfilling prophecy, and this can give any religious group a lot of affirmation to its cause.
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Ben Carson Sharia Law
It’s a subtle distinction for those who understand the connection. Unlike other religions that identify more with the teachings and doctrines rather than the governance within their religions, Sharia and Islam are often very closely tied together. To believe in Sharia law is to be a Muslim. To be a Muslim is to follow Sharia...
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Christian Refugees from the Middle East
As many countries promote a desire and often a mandate to give preference to Christian refugees coming from the Middle East over Muslim refugees, a debate rages about the thin line between bigotry and practicality. One of the points that’s not being argued is about the status of circumstances that separate Christian refugees from Muslim...
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Islamic State ideological seduction
As a parent, it’s difficult to imagine my children ever talking to an Islamic State recruiter online, let alone fall to their temptations. After watching a recent New York Times video, it’s easy to see how the vulnerable can be swayed. What can parents do to prevent conversion to Islam or even full recruitment into...
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