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Kasich finally gets the spotlight he craves. Now, the scrutiny will destroy him.

John Kasich Scrutiny

For months, John Kasich has taken every opportunity in his scarce debate moments, infrequent interviews, and low-volume stump speeches to point out how little attention he was getting from the media. As one of the three finalists for the GOP nomination, he’s going to get more attention than ever before. That attention is going to reveal three¬†things: he’s not a good candidate for President, he probably shouldn’t be Vice President, and he’s not a very good governor of Ohio. Read More

If Rubio and Kasich drop out after #SuperTuesday, the math clearly favors Cruz over Trump

Ted Cruz SuperTuesday

With all of the attention being given to Donald Trump as the likely GOP nominee, there’s a problem that nobody seems to be discussing. Even if Trump wins Ohio and Florida, his path to the nomination is greatly hampered if Marco Rubio and John Kasich drop out. In fact, winning their states and knocking them out might be the worst thing that Trump could do. Read More

Why couldn’t John Kasich get enough signatures for Pennsylvania?

John Kasich Pennsylvania

Running a Presidential campaign has a lot of moving parts. Most of the focus is given to the hardest parts – raising money, getting endorsements, giving speeches, and winning debates. Less media attention is given to the technical side, the basics, such as getting enough signatures to appear on ballots. John Kasich’s campaign apparently didn’t pay enough attention, either. Read More

Ted Cruz’s wins were stunning, but the media is pretending like it’s no big deal

Ted Cruz vs Mainstream Media

If anyone other than Ted Cruz had gone into Kansas projected to lose big in the polls, only to emerge with more than double the votes of second-place Donald Trump, it would be called a miracle from on high. If anyone had said that Ted Cruz was going to win Maine ahead of two moderates and a liberal, they would have been given a thorough psychological examination and put on a watch list. Read More

Despite great debate performance, Kasich looks like a VP

John Kasich VP

Had John Kasich come out and said he was running to be Donald Trump’s Vice President, nobody would have doubted it the way he’s been operating his campaign for the last few weeks. While he says he would never take a VP role, his positive message seems to be custom tailored to represent the anti-Trump. It’s not done in a way that would hurt Trump or truly differentiate himself from him. It’s like a calling card that says, “Chris Christie is too much like you and I’m the opposite because I’m pretty nice.” Read More

Cruz signs Balanced Budget Amendment pledge. Here’s why others won’t do the same.

Balanced Budget Amendment

There’s a challenge with proposing a balanced budget amendment. It’s not popular with sitting politicians. It basically says that the freedoms that past politicians exploited to spend money irresponsibly won’t be applied to current politicians. This terrifies any politician who doesn’t have fiscal responsibility on their agenda. Read More