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Small Business Content Strategy #Infographic

This light but informative infographic delves into the realities of internet marketing in 2013 for small businesses. Content has become the most important component for online marketing both from a search and social perspective. Getting eyeballs on your website has never been more challenging, but content is the key to making it happen.

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App Creation Tools that don’t Suck


There’s very little doubt that mobile is taking over the world and apps are taking over mobile. If anything, there are way too many apps out there, much more than a person could browse if that’s all they did from the moment they woke up until they went to bed with their eyes bleeding. As a result, the app world is clearly a very competitive one.

Marketing an app is the key to getting exposure, but you have to build one first that doesn’t suck. The best marketing and the biggest budgets in the world cannot overcome the negatives of a bad app, which is why app tools are extremely important. In this infographic by ASO Professional, they look at some of the best app tools on the marketing.

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Successful Video, by SEO Moz


Few marketing companies have had the success of SEOMoz. Their reputation for delivering the latest and most accurate information to marketers, particularly about the ins and outs of search engine optimization, are beyond compare.

In this infographic, we take a look at another thing they’ve excelled in – creating a super-successful web video series. Our friends at Wistia put it together and it can be used as a roadmap of what to do when wanting to take advantage of the growing trends of video as a marketing tool.

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SEO Moz Infographic