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Rule 40B cannot be allowed to swing both ways based on the Establishment’s whims

Romney McCain

In 2012, the Establishment had an agenda. They didn’t want Ron Paul and his “crazies” mucking up the Republican convention by trying to draw attention to themselves. They wanted to demonstrate unity by having all of the attention paid to the nominee, Mitt Romney. As a result, RNC Rule 40B was established. Now, the tables have turned and none of their guys has a chance at the nomination, so there has been talks of eliminating the suddenly outdated rule. This would be a betrayal to the base of the Republican party and would represent the reality that the Establishment wants control of the party more than they want a victory in November. Read More

Iowa Republicans must decide between helping Big Corn or helping their own families (and the country)

Steve King Ted Cruz Iowa

Here are the simple facts: Donald Trump wants to increase subsidies. This means more money for Big Corn which wields a great deal of political clout. It also means accepting a tax plan that will be higher for individual Iowans than Ted Cruz’s plan. In other words, Iowans must decide whether it’s worth bringing home less money for their families to increase revenues for Big Corn. Read More

Despite a sea of candidates, the GOP is really down to the final four

Repubican Final Four

It’s very easy to look at the pool of candidates running for the GOP nomination for President and assume that it’s a wide open race. The reality is this: there are only four candidates who have valid chances of getting the nomination. Everyone else is just a distraction and they’re taking away from the real candidates’ ability to generate the funds necessary to beat the Democrats in 2016. Read More

Ted Cruz pulling Ron Paul libertarians over to his camp

Ted Cruz Ron Paul

For decades, Ron Paul was the popular face and mouthpiece for the Libertarian Movement. It made sense when his son, Senator Rand Paul, announced his candidacy that he would pick up his father’s mantle just as Elisha did when Elijah was taken up. With Paul’s campaign dying and his politics leaning more towards standard Republican rather than pure Libertarianism, some started looking for a better representative for their cause. Read More