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Ted Cruz
Ben Carson John Kasich
As this article is being written, the Nevada Caucuses are going on. It’s my hope that the two zero-chancers for the GOP have realized that their campaigns are futile and that they are only helping Donald Trump secure the nomination. By the time you read this, my hopes may have already come true. I doubt...
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Rubio can't Win. Cruz can.
If you get your information from Fox News, CNN, or the Wall Street Journal, the narrative you’re hearing is about “Marcomentum” and how Marco Rubio has a chance of defeating Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. That isn’t simply inaccurate or wishful thinking. It’s a flat out lie.
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Donald Trump Foregone Conclusion
If you’re a stalwart, die-hard Donald Trump supporter, you’re already lost and you’re taking the party down a dark path to another general election loss. If you’re one of those who will consider Trump because you believe his victory is already solidified, read on. The path to the nomination is far from over and Trump...
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F-22 Raptor
The decimation of the United States military under President Obama requires a major upgrade. Even the most fiscal conservatives look around at the Islamic State, North Korea, Russia, Iran, and even China and realize that in the coming years, the need to have enough muscle to flex may be required to prevent actual American lives...
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Supreme Court Justices
The death of Antonin Scalia brought into focus a truth that has been barely covered this election cycle. The next President will almost certainly appoint two Supreme Court Justices. He’ll probably appoint three. He might even have to appoint four.
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Ted Cruz North Korea
In the last GOP debate, Ted-Cruz-hater┬áMartha Raddatz tried to corner the Senator into supporting a preemptive strike on North Korea’s missile launch facility on the day that they launched a nuclear test rocket. It was one of many embarrassing moments for the ABC News journalist and debate moderator, to which Cruz responded that he would...
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Marco Rubio Ted Cruz New Hampshire
Most of the polls leading up to the New Hampshire primary are showing Ted Cruz either 3rd or 4th. The Boston Globe poll even shows him at 5th. Following the ABC News GOP Debate, Cruz and frontrunner Donald Trump did very little to help or hurt their cases. but one notable exchange between Marco Rubio...
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Cruz Trump Cruz
Voters in early primaries and caucuses have a tendency of changing their minds at the last moment. Of those who are considering changing between now and Tuesday, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush supporters make up nearly half of them according to the latest NBC/WSJ/Marist New Hampshire poll.
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Balanced Budget Amendment
There’s a challenge with proposing a balanced budget amendment. It’s not popular with sitting politicians. It basically says that the freedoms that past politicians exploited to spend money irresponsibly won’t be applied to current politicians. This terrifies any politician who doesn’t have fiscal responsibility on their agenda.
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Jimmy Carter
Republicans love to hate Jimmy Carter. He isn’t a bad man. He nearly destroyed the country in a single term of office as President before Ronald Reagan fixed things, but he wasn’t doing it out of malice. He just wasn’t very politically intelligent.
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