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Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz Earned My Vote
The Republican Establishment is grinning ear to ear right now. Two of the insurgent candidates are ganging up on the third in a petty effort to take him down from his leading position. It’s a sad state of affairs when just a couple of days ago things seemed so rosy for the cause of conservatism...
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Marco Rubio Ted Cruz Iowa
Mainstream media is doing everything they can to paint Marco Rubio as the real winner of the 2016 Iowa caucus. They say that his boost in the polls to the point of nearly beating Donald Trump for second is more impressive than Ted Cruz’s victory because they say that Cruz was expected to win.
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Marco Rubio 2024
The final GOP debate prior to the Iowa caucus was the point that made up my mind. Marco Rubio is going to be a very good Republican candidate for President in a future election, but he will have his lunch eaten if he’s the GOP nominee this year. The funny part is that he’s gaining...
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Steve King Ted Cruz Iowa
Here are the simple facts: Donald Trump wants to increase subsidies. This means more money for Big Corn which wields a great deal of political clout. It also means accepting a tax plan that will be higher for individual Iowans than Ted Cruz’s plan. In other words, Iowans must decide whether it’s worth bringing home...
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Rand Paul Senate
First and foremost, I really like Senator Rand Paul. He’s a good man with some great ideas. He’s a dedicated patriot that truly wants to help America. He can. He is. As a Senator, Paul is properly placed and will impact America’s future. With that said, it’s time to drop out of the Presidential race.
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Ted Cruz Eligibility
We’d love to hear Republican Presidential candidate say a variation of these words: “If my competitors don’t believe I’m eligible, they should sue me to resolve it. Otherwise, their silence is acquiescence to my eligibility.”
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Marco Rubio Attacks Ted Cruz
For such a talented politician, it’s amazing that Marco Rubio chose to tangle with Ted Cruz instead of lining up the moderate wing by going after Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich. Someone told him he had a better chance trying to pull conservatives. Someone told him a lie.
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Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell
For the last six years, we’re seen a dramatic shift in the way that people view government spending. The continued victories in the House and the Senate by Republicans is a very clear indicator that the American people want the government to spend less, to rein in the budgets, and to not fund everything that...
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Bashar al-Assad Donald Trump
There are times when Donald Trump is wrong. The case of Syrian’s government and the Islamic State’s perspective on things are a very clear case of Trump being right and most others being wrong.
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Cruz Trump
Every time Ted Cruz makes a great stride in the polls or receives a key endorsement, the news is focused on the latest sound bite from Donald Trump. For most campaigns, this would be seen as a bad thing. For Cruz, it’s all part of the plan.
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