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Even with Malik’s jihadist posts, DHS unsure about vetting social media


Today, there are hundreds of millions of people around the globe¬†who post their deepest thoughts and feelings for the world to see on social media. In this digital age, many people express their religious, political, and personal expressions on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We are an oversharing society and it isn’t just the west. People in the near east where most of the Islamic extremists live have no problem telling everyone that they support jihad. Read More

ISIS claims hack that allegedly reveals military and government employee personal data

ISIS Hackers

The Islamic State posted that they have hacked government computers to reveal the personal information for US “targets” – people who work with the US military or US government that the terrorist organization wants attacked by domestic agents or affiliates.¬†However, many are questioning whether the list is accurate or even real at all and whether or not it came through sophisticated hacking or other means. Read More