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Ted Cruz’s wins were stunning, but the media is pretending like it’s no big deal

If anyone other than Ted Cruz had gone into Kansas projected to lose big in the polls, only to emerge with more than double the votes of second-place Donald Trump, it would be called a miracle from on high. If anyone had said that Ted Cruz was going to win Maine ahead of two moderates and a liberal, they would have been given a thorough psychological examination and put on a watch list.

Cruz had more votes in Kansas than the entire GOP field had in 2012. He had nearly as many votes as the other three candidates this year combined. He won Maine in similar fashion, chalking up 45.9% of the vote. This was a huge day for Cruz and a stunning blow to the inevitability of Trump, but most of mainstream media is pretending like it didn’t really happen. As the guru of all election gurus Nate Silver put it:

Mainstream media is practically begging for a Trump nomination. It’s not just the ratings that he brings in. It’s also their desire to help Hillary Clinton in any way they can by delivering the worst possible GOP nominee to take on the weakest Democratic nominee in decades. They will continue to bow to Trump, to hide their preference, and to usher him in through propaganda and manipulation. Even Fox News, who have until recently backed Marco Rubio, is shifting in favor of Trump over Cruz. Megyn Kelly seems to be the only one who is giving Cruz his due; Chris Wallace, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Greta Van Susteren are all on board the Trump Train.

Despite their manipulations, the voters in upcoming states must look at this for what it is: a two-man race. You either support Cruz by voting for him or you support Trump by voting for anyone else. As it stands, a vote for Rubio or Kasich is a vote for Trump as the nominee. Mainstream media won’t tell you this. We will because it’s the truth.

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