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Top 12 industries that learned Trump’s yuge ideas yielded utter failure

Donald Trump’s campaign is built based upon a false sense of winning. He won at real estate and entertainment. He lost big time on all other ventures and he hurt thousands of people as a result. He will end up hurting millions if he’s given opportunity #13 to venture outside of his comfort zone.

This article could turn into a book if we try to detail his absolute failures. Instead, we’ll link to the articles that tell the various sordid tales the best. If you are even remotely considering voting for Trump, check out some of these articles and ask yourself, “If he failed at all of these endeavors, what will make the much harder endeavor of running the country end any differently?”

He was able to minimize his own losses and hurt the lives of a mere few thousand people when he bailed out of these failed endeavors. He won’t be able to turn America into bankruptcy #5 or crumbled business #13 when he fails as President. We’re all going down with him when his history of losing outside of real estate and entertainment catches up with the United States.

Trump Failures

  1. Trump Vodka
  2. Trump Steaks
  3. Trump University
  5. New Jersey Generals
  6. Trump: The Game
  7. Trump Tower Tampa
  8. Trump Airlines
  9. Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc
  10. Trump Magazine
  11. Trump Ice
  12. Trump Mortgage

Real estate prowess didn’t translate into success in 12 different industries. Why do so many people believe that his goal of being President will end any differently? Outside of real estate and entertainment, he’s failed an every single venture. He’ll fail as the GOP nominee as well.

H/T: The Lid

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