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Thomas Sowell compares Donald Trump to Obama, Hitler

When something is so clear, it baffles those who see it when others simply do not. Thankfully, there are people who have earned enough respect that their opinions can make a difference and enlighten those who are in the dark. Conservative political philosopher and economist Thomas Sowell is one of those people and he’s trying to alert the GOP masses about the problems with Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The people are speaking. That much is clear by the polls. Unfortunately, they’re giving their emotional response to a feeling of disgust towards a Republican Establishment that has repeatedly failed over the last two decades. Even with control of the House and Senate, they have been unable to demonstrate an iota of true conservatism or an understanding of what the country needs to get back on track.

Sowell answers the question by pointing out that Donald Trump is a “glib egomaniac” who is distracting voters from seeing the essence of real conservative candidates. He notes the similarities in the way that many Republicans are enamored by Trump and the ways that supporters were enamored by two otherĀ glib egomaniac, President Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler.

The real takeaway from Sowell’s article is this: protest voting is not only wasteful but dangerous. The early polls seem to show that voters are mad and wanting a rebellion against the current leadership. Putting the best showman up as the nominee is only going to hurt the country. If Trump gets the nomination, the best case scenario is that a Democrat would be in the White House again. The worst case scenario is that Trump is given the opportunity to destroy the country.

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