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Toyota’s Sienna: Not the Typical Mini-Van

The X and Y generations have been trained to believe that driving a mini-van equals the death of their youth.  Most of us are willing to cram two car seats into a car that can’t hold them, as an alternative to being the owners of a mom-van.  However, the mini-van has come a long way since the days of our youth when it was usually a bullet shaped vehicle with lots of cup-holders.  It’s no longer the complete and total personification of sitting with the uncool kids at lunch, it may actually get you to the good tables.

Toyota makes awesome cars, plain and simple, and the awesomeness includes the Toyota Sienna, a minivan.  To prove how cool it actually is, Toyota’s website refers to it as the Swagger Wagon.  So, when the backseat of your car has reached maximum capacity, or you’re considering making someone ride on the roof of the car; you have two options.  You could spend a very large amount of money, drop hundreds of dollars on gas expenses, and be completely overwhelmed when driving, or you could check out the Toyota Sienna, with a starting price of $28700.

Let’s start off with the basic, the Sienna can provide seating for seven or eight people, depending on the model, which will come in handy when it comes to the parent taking the kids out to the movies, or picking them up from the big game.  Unlike our generation, however, the kids won’t be embarrassed to get into this minivan.  It is offered in nine different colors, and five different trim levels, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that there’s something to please every driver, and it’s better than what most sedans and giant SUVs have to offer.  Put it this way, it is one thing you and your kids won’t argue about.

The Sienna starts out with a sporty exterior that doesn’t have a super-extended front end, making it less obvious that it’s a mini-van from the front.  With redesigned headlights and taillights, this minivan even has a little bit of an intimidation factor.  This minivan also has the potential to be a powerhouse of a vehicle, with 266 horsepower and a 3.5L V6 engine that can easily navigate any terrain with ease and comfort.  With suspension tweaks and an all new chassis, the Sienna will also hug curves, never feel top-heavy, and every road will appear to be seamless and pothole free, even if it’s not.

With the driver’s position and importance in mind, the Sienna was designed to cater to the captain of the vehicle.  Everything inside the vehicle that offers control is located closer to the driver, so there’s no necessity to reach for anything.  The dashboard has been perked up, and everything has a purpose from the roomy glovebox to the all-new gauges and display features.  Everything is at the driver’s fingertips inside the Sienna, including steering wheel mounted controls for the stereo, Bluetooth, and voice controlled options.

Not only is this minivan made for the driver, but it’s also ready to cater to your passengers as well.  There is an available dual moonroof, so everyone has a view, and no one is missing out.  Also, the days of having to throw yourselves over the second seat passengers to get to the third row are gone, as the second row flips up and slides forward for easy access.  There is also the option of a Dual-View Blu-Ray Entertainment System, which offers two different views from different sources, or 16 inches of your kids’ chosen movie.  No worries, it also comes with wireless headphones so you don’t have to hear Elsa singing ‘Let It Go’ every day, all day.  In some models the second row has lounge seating, or captain’s seats that have armrests and ottomans!  Second row climate control is the ultimate in ensuring that your passengers are as comfortable as you are.

Old-school minivans weren’t exactly jam-packed with technology, but this isn’t an old-school minivan.  This one is loaded with awesome features, like smart key technology.  That’s right, there’s no need to fumble for keys with armloads of school clothing purchases, or groceries, your doors will open with the touch of the handle as long as the smart key is nearby.  There’s also a power lift gate that will pop open with just the touch of a button.  The dash is also packed with a 7 inch touch screen that controls music, apps, and navigation if you’ve got it.  The best part?  There’s no more yelling to the back seat with Easy Speak, a microphone to the rear seat speakers.  Blind spot monitoring, parking assist, and a backup camera are just three of the features added to make life a little bit easier for everyone in the car.

This isn’t the minivan of yesterday.  The Sienna is an amazing, fun, and sporty vehicle loaded with tech and safety features.  No longer does a minivan have to mean that you’ve let go of your inner cool kid, as these are what the cool kids are driving.  Go ahead and step inside, we promise it won’t hurt.

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