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Visualizing the Sheer Size of the Big Rig Industry

Trucks drive the United States. That’s not a bad pun. It’s a fact. The trucking industry is absolutely huge and represents a portion of our infrastructure that, if suddenly removed, would set the nation back 100 years.

Almost every physical product we buy spent a portion of time on a big rig at some point. With over 3.5 million truckers in America, it’s the type of industry that has a lot of weight while wielding its power in a fashion that is practically unnoticed by everyone. They influence product pricing. They influence gas pricing. They influence politicians who need interstate transit as a way of helping to boost their local economies.

They need trucks. We need trucks. Thankfully, they are one of the least corrupt power forces in the nation (which is exactly why we rarely hear about them in the news).

This infographic examines the sheer size of the industry. Click to enlarge.

Big Rigs in America
From: Indianapolis Ford F-150 Via: Next Truck Online

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  1. Greetings,

    One thing is that on rail things take less fuel to haul. With the rising cost of fuel it might be less costly to haul things that way. I think a lot of things could be hauled on rail.



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