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Wolf of Wall Street vs Compassion #Infographic

There are two ways to spend money. The option that most people take is to use their accumulate wealth to make a better life for themselves and their family. Sure, they might give a little to church or charity, but most of it goes to improving lifestyle. The second way to spend money is to put a good chunk of it, even most of it, towards helping others. This is less popular for obvious reasons in a society that seems bent on indulgence rather than worldly or spiritual problem solving.

The Wolf of Wall Street was a movie that exemplified the former. Main character Jordan Belfort used his money to improve his standing, make his wife happy, and generally help nobody else other than those who could help him to make more money. Here’s an infographic by Killer Infographics that depicts both sides of the coin – spending money for extravagance and spending money to help the world:

Wolf of Wall Street Infographic

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