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Woman told to stay quiet because migrants raped her

An activist in support of “No Borders” has dedicated over a month of her life to helping Sudanese migrants. In the forest not far from the camp in Ventimiglia (between France and Italy) where fellow activists and migrants were protesting, she was gang raped.

Even more horrific than the crime was the fact that fellow activists in her group convinced her to not report it for fear that it may hinder their efforts. If this was anyone other than left-wing activists, there would have been outrage.

The young woman eventually reported the crime to authorities. However, the activists are now claiming she did it out of “spite” because her group had to leave the camp for another separate controversy.

Unfortunately, forcing victims (who are both migrant and local citizens) of sexual assaults and other crimes to keep quiet has become a norm for many of these camps and shelters. Several cases have been reported, yet they are swept under the rug for fear of losing support or a backlash from the citizens against the asylum seekers.

Many Europeans are very concerned about the major influx because the majority of the migrants are not refugees and have complete disrespect for western civilization and laws. In addition to some violent assaults, migrants are also suspected of bringing diseases that locals rarely see.

Recently in Kos, a Greek Island, an elderly man contracted Cholera after a large number of migrants arrived, which is a common disease found in the Middle East. A major outbreak is feared and authorities are trying to keep the situation under control. But, Europeans are losing their patience and some even feel they are losing their country.

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