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Yes, Donald Trump is a crook (but don’t take our word for it)

Reality is starting to set in that the Republican Party may actually nominate Donald Trump. It’s a worse situation than the one we made fun of eight years ago when we saw the Democrats nominate Barack Obama despite situations that made it clear he was against America. It’s even worse than nominating the soon-to-be-indicted Hillary Clinton this year. At least with Obama and Clinton there was potential for suspension of disbelief. With Trump, there is none. He is 100%, without a doubt a crook.

He’s a politician that has never held political office. He’s a bad business man who has screwed over regular people to make his living after being given a real estate empire. He’s a known liar. Here are three stories to back up these claims. There are more – many more – but we’ll leave it with these three. If you need more, use Google. Either way, do your research. Your conscience is one thing, but the fate of the country is even more important.

The Democrats have always held the rights to making nominating corrupt people. Now, the Republicans are following in their footsteps. Could it be that Trump is simply a Democrat in elephant’s clothing? Is that why the party seems so confused?

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