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You’ve gotta love these car names

What’s in a name?  Has been the statement made many times to let you know it’s important to not only have a great name but also the reputation to back it up.  Sometimes all you get is a great name, at other times you see a name that carry on with a wonderful reputation to build a highly recognized brand.  Where names come from would be a unique look for another time, but what I want to discuss today is what should be a list of amazing car names to be the best car names of all time for you to enjoy.

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante – The name disco means flying saucer in Italian and this name is a lot of fun to say, the car itself was pretty cool too.

AMC Javelin – This was a name that told you this car was going to dart past many others on the road and even though it didn’t last long this was a cool car and a great name.

Buick Roadmaster – Not much makes you want to drive more than a car called Roadmaster which was an awesome beast of metal in the 1940s.

Chevrolet Corvette – Yes this car is cool, but in the Navy Corvette is a small warship which aptly describes the car from Chevrolet that has been the halo car for Chevrolet for years.

De Tomaso Mangusta – This was a direct shot at the Shelby Cobra with a name the means mongoose in Italian, creating a challenge to the highly acclaimed car.

Dodge Magnum – This name is cool right from the beginning and the car itself was a reasonable presentation, but just saying the word Magnum automatically causes a feeling of power.

Dodge Rampage – This sounds like an aggressive machine that is out for some trouble which this certainly was as the Rampage was made to battle the Ranchero and El Camino.

Dodge Viper – When you think of the Viper it’s immediately apparent you are talking about a swift string being whether in car or animal form.

Eagle Talon – This name illicit the thought of striking hard and sharp and the car was a lot of fun to drive as a beautiful performance machine.

Ferrari Testarossa – As a cool name to say this name translated to red head and showed up as a car was amazingly cool to look at and drive.

Hudson Hornet- Put together this car name sounds like it’s going to sting anyone that gets in its way and for a car that was part of the beginning of NASCAR this was a great choice.

Jensen Interceptor – This car sounds like it’s going to catch anything in its path even though it was a name given to more of a daily rider.

Lamborghini Countach – Translated to mean “oh my!” this car was awesome and the name fit just fine as you would easily be wowed by this car driving by.

Lamborghini Diablo –Yes this car carried the name of the devil, making it an evil  and sinister sports ride that offered a name you wanted to say.

Land Rover Defender – The name invokes the idea of strength and drive toward a goal, which is keeping others out of the way to be a cool SUV.

Mercury Marauder – A name that sounds like a pirate ship is always a great idea, even if the car itself wasn’t going to plunder and pillage.

Mitsubishi Raider – This is a name that should have been put on a muscle car or a Jeep to invoke the thought of the military strength of the Raiders of old, but it was on a truck that didn’t make it.

Oldsmobile Cutlass – Named for the sword used by pirates this was certainly a cool name on a car that wasn’t much more than a good daily ride.

Oldsmobile Tornado – Living up to the name and destroying everything in its path the Tornado was a cool muscle car to invoke the thought of power and dominance.

Panes Esperanto – As a made up name for a vehicle this was a name that was meant to allow us to feel the car was more elegant than one that is built in the southern mountains of the US.

Plymouth Prowler – Thinking of a cat on the hunt ready to strike its prey the Prowler never lived up to how cool its name really was.

Pontiac Firebird – This was a car that did live up to its name as a sporty and beautiful muscle car that was great for the drive and fun for anyone who wanted to have a great car.

Porsche Carrera GT – The name literally means race in Spanish which tells you all you need to know and with the Porsche badging on it this car lived up to its name in a big way.

Rolls-Royce Phantom – As a more creative name than ghost the Phantom is a great name for one of the top luxury cars to ever grace the roads of this world.

Shelby AC Cobra – Snake names have been used for many years and the Cobra has been one that let us know the car attached to it was going to strike fast and hard.

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