Belgian physicians are euthanizing patients even if patients don’t want to die

Euthanizing Humans

There have been many debates for decades (perhaps centuries) about the ethics and morality of allowing people to die when it can be prevented. There are those who, because of medical problems, simply cannot have a proper quality of life, so their right to die has been a topic of discussion. Read more

San Jose couple fight drought with American flag lawn

San Jose Flag Lawn

Very few homeowners in America like having a brown lawn. The severe drought in California and subsequent mandatory lawn watering reductions have many families choosing to decorate their lawn with green paint. One couple decided that green was too common and used the opportunity to express their patriotism. Read more

CIA blamed Bill Clinton for 9/11

Bill Clinton Terrorist Attacks

He may have been knee-deep in retirement and dwelling on his legacy at the time, but September 11, 2001 was more than just a terrible day for Bill Clinton as an American. It marked a failure from his administration if you believe the memo that the Central Intelligence Agency put out about the terrorist attacks. Read more

Why the Israeli passport decision is bigger than most understand

Israel Jerusalem Passport Debate

It’s not a big news story. In fact, if you get your news from mainstream media, chances are that you didn’t hear about it at all. The United States Supreme Court decided to stay out of the fight between President Barack Obama and the state of Israel by letting him continue to make policy regarding passports. Read more

Adding to Media Caffeine

Media Caffeine

The world of infographics is a wonderful place. It gives us the visualizations we need to take large bits of information and process them in a concise format. Over the years, we’ve learned to embrace them as our primary form of content.

Things are changing. We see a need to expand our charter and start highlighting stories from around the internet that appeal to more than just those looking for infographics. We appreciate the readership we’ve been able to gain over the years and we will continue to bring you infographics, but we want to do more. Our namesake uses the word “media” in it and we must expand to encompass all of media, not just the visual. As such, we’re going to focus on all sorts of media. Read more

GenZ versus Millennials and the Future of Work #Infographic


To truly understand the future, you have to look at the current. When it comes to business and work, the future leaders are the Millennials and the current or near-future leaders are Generation Z. If we take a look at the differences between the two age groups, you have gain a comprehension of how things are going to look in the near future. Read more

You Can’t Own Your Chevrolet?

Owning Your Chevrolet

Vehicle ownership has always been an exciting privilege for individuals. Knowing that you have saved your hard earned cash to purchase your dream car, truck, or SUV is a very confident feeling. Well, hold on folks, because if General Motors has it their way, you can no longer OWN your vehicle. That’s right, you pay for your car, but you cannot own your Chevrolet vehicle. This goes for other General Motors brands as well. Read more

How the Cambrian Explosion Exemplifies Darwin’s Doubt

Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin is widely recognized as the father of the theory of evolution. His research became the basis for the expansion of ideas concerning an old universe, gradual change amongst species, and development of modern species as a result of adjustments throughout time. There’s a flaw that he noted in his research that has never truly been explained. How did the Cambrian Explosion happen through evolution?

In this infographic from Judeo Christian Church, we explore the strange period of time when life seemed to change so rapidly that creationists often point to it as clear proof against the theory of evolution. Read more