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Dodge Journey is made for… journeys

2015 Dodge Journey Information

To take a journey is to literally travel from one place to another.  There is no question of distance, it does not need to be to a remote location, and there are no requirement placed on where you have to go; it is just the act of traveling.  Since 1914, Dodge Motors has been specializing in helping people take a journey.  Whether it’s the journey of your life, a cross country trek during which you plan to find out a little more about yourself or the simple act of traveling to work on a daily basis; Dodge has been there.  Read More

America’s tiptoeing assistance in Syria proving worthless

Obama and Putin Syria

President Obama has spent the last year and a half doing as little as possible to get involved in Syria. From helping refugees to aiding the “moderate rebels” he allegedly backs, his policy has been passive at best. Now that Russia is fully backing its horse in the race, the hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours that the administration has invested in coaxing revolution Syria is all but lost in less than two weeks. Read More

Amazon Echo (Echo, Echo, Echo)

Amazon Echo

Technology keeps getting better and better.  What used to be four D cell batteries in a boom box pumping out the jams from our favorite cassettes, morphed into spinning a CD in a portable player powered by rechargeable batteries.   Since then, music has become even more accessible, playing through our phones, IPods, and even our car speakers using only a simple USB cable or auxiliary cable.  The invention of Bluetooth has made listening to music through all of our devices possible without the pesky speaker wires we used to have to deal with.  True to form, Amazon has taken the Bluetooth speaker and pushed it one step further. Read More

Not all press is good press


Say what you will about social media, but its impact is profound, and wide-reaching.  As a business owner, a poor review on social media can cause a drastic decline in clientele.  As a human being, being defamed on Facebook can cause you to be a party to some suspicious glances at a social gathering.  For the product industry, any company that puts a production out for purchase, social media can do both good, and harm.  Which way it goes for the producer all depends on whether or not their product is doing harm, or good and how they handle it in the aftermath. Read More

So many choices makes picking a compact car hard… and fun

2016 Kia Forte

Compact cars are a dime a dozen.  There are a plethora of options on the auto market, but where do even begin to choose the one that is right for you?  Buying a new car is an often taxing process under normal circumstances, but when the market is flooded with good options it can become downright overwhelming.  Each commercial on the television or advertisement on the radio is shouting at you to go in ten different directions, and each one seems like the right path.  A new car is a very personal decision, but there are ways to narrow down your choices and find the perfect vehicle. Read More