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Did Clinton blow her shot at the White House with the email decision?

Hillary Clinton Phone Email

When Hillary Clinton prepared to begin her tenure as Secretary of State in 2008, there is very little doubt that she was eyeing 2016 as her next attempt at the White House. She was just coming off of a stinging defeat in the Democratic primaries to President Barack Obama after leading for most of the early stages of the election season. Now, it appears that the same fate may await her. Read More

LA is ‘Berning’ for Sanders

Bernie Sanders LA Rally

There are few 73-year-olds who can draw the kind of attention that Bernie Sanders is bringing to himself. After 28,000 people came to hear him speak in Portland, his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President nearly achieved the same level when 27,500 people attended his gathering at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. Many were forced to watch from a large television screen outside of the arena. Read More